'NBA 2K13': Call plays with Kinect

According to “NBA 2K13” producers, only a portion of gamers actually call plays when running the virtual floors of their franchise throughout the years. Seems that casual gamers understand the mechanics to shoot, pass, and play D, but when it comes to calling plays, the button combinations are a bit too confusing.

Enter the Microsoft Kinect.

Similar to how football gamers are now using voice commands to call audibles and hot routes in “Madden NFL 13,” basketball fans will now be able to call for a pick by actually calling for a pick.

Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

From substitutions (“bring in Kobe!) to running a high post play for Dirk, the Kinect takes some of the convoluted navigation out of the mix and simplifies the not-so-fun parts of the game so you can concentrate on breaking ankles and dunking on your friend’s head.

No buttons required.

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