'NBA 2K13' steps up shoe game

Sneakerheads, rejoice. Not only does “NBA 2K13” feature more brands and shoes than ever before, but for the first time, the producers built special shaders in their game to make everything from the patent leather to the rubber pop on screen.

“The cool thing is that now the shoes look tangible,” “NBA 2K13” producer Rob Jones explains as he details all the cool kicks that made their way into his game.

Joining Adidas, Reebok, Converse and Nike this year are shoes from Spalding and Under Armour. There’s also a robust editor that enables you to create your own shoe, from color to materials. Create a cool pair of Nikes, and the game will even spit out a code for the Nike ID store so you can order your shoes to wear around in real life, while your player is also sporting them in the game.

If only I could get a code to start dunking in real life like I do in the game.