'Madden' vote: Newton calls out Megatron

With less than a week to go in the “Madden NFL 13” cover vote, Cam Newton released a hilarious YouTube video hoping to swing the masses, pleading to not only ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, but even cats and dogs.

Check out the video to learn about all of Cam’s nicknames, including Mr. Swagman and Mr. Goes H.A.M., as Newton throws down the gauntlet and challenges Calvin Johnson to a game of “Madden” to prove who deserves to be on the cover.

We even get a glimpse of Cam’s video game sanctuary, complete with two screens for anyone who wants to step up to “Boogieville USA.”

Gamers who want to challenge Cam themselves should skip ahead to the five minute mark of the video where the quarterback actually releases both his Xbox Live and PlayStation 3 names to the gaming world in order to prove just who is the best “Madden” player alive.

Anyone who wants to challenge “Killa Cam” just needs to e-mail him at playcam@cam1newton.com and include your name, phone number, and gamer tag.

You never know, you just might get a call from the best young quarterback in the game.

I think that’s worth a vote.