Goviva offers fans ultimate VIP experiences

Securing Super Bowl tickets through GoViva.com grants you access to celebs at the Maxim party. Courtesy of Goviva

Sports-related bucket lists are nothing new (for me, the World Cup ranks high). But let’s say the time is right to check off something on that bucket list -- i.e., you’re available, the money is in your pocket, and you’re ready to pull the trigger. Now what?

Tickets can be next to impossible to find, and online (or in-person) scalpers carry a lot of risk. That’s exactly why Robert Tuchman created Goviva. “I wanted to have a site that was the place for all these bucket-list experiences to exist and be packaged all-inclusive,” he says.

Whether you’re trying to get to the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, the U.S. Open, Indianapolis 500, the Champions League final or any other in-demand event, Goviva acts like the ultimate concierge: securing tickets, reserving airfare and accommodations, and providing access to exclusive parties and more.

During the Super Bowl, for example, attendees through Goviva also have access to media day, the Maxim party, the Maxim pregame tailgate party, a private cocktail party and an autograph session with NFL stars.

The site works by coordinating the services of sports agents and athletes, who collaborate to assemble the many packages offered. Because of that, you’ll never have to worry about the legitimacy of tickets (see the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium) or crazy mark-ups (as happened with the Auburn-Oregon BCS National Championship Game).

The point: You can actually trust that the price you’re paying is the real deal.

Beyond sports, Goviva is a fantasy roundup of general VIP access. The service is a gateway to experiences like surfing in Hawaii with pro Jamie Sterling, private gymnastics clinics with Olympic gold medalist Kerri Strug, entry to the ESPY Awards, and a host of culinary, entertainment and fashion packages.

The drawback? Prices can be steep. But that should come as no surprise -- we are talking about a bucket list, after all. As of publication, I found a range from about $1,300 (Rose Bowl) to $7,995 (the Masters in Augusta, Ga.).

Oh, and there is one thing Goviva can’t do: Ensure that your favorite team makes the big game. Sorry, Bills fans, I already asked.