'WWE 13' Universe 3.0 mode detailed

The Rock is beating down some jabroni in the squared-circle when former Nation of Domination associate Mark Henry runs down to ringside and throws “The Great One” a steel chair to finish off his opponent.

Do you grab the chair and whack your opponent senseless, accepting the olive branch in the form of a foreign object your former partner in crime has just given you, or do you throw the chair back in Mark Henry’s face because you never really got over the whole "Mae Young gave birth to a hand" episode?

These are just some of the choices and cut scenes that will play out in the Universe 3.0 mode in "WWE 13," where everything you do while playing the game affects the storylines inside your video game federation.

To help write these new scenarios, THQ hired wrestling mastermind Paul Heyman, who also penned the storylines in the Attitude Era mode as well. Heyman scripted more than 200 new storylines for gamers to play through, including all new feuds, grudges, and rivalries in order to freshen up the experience.

But the mode is about more than storylines and steel chairs, as it also gives you the freedom to create just about anything you desire, from a new WWE TV show to your own pay-per-view. Fans have the freedom to start Tuesday Night Ryder, a show focused around Mr. Woo Woo Woo himself, even defending the Internet Championship whenever you like. Everything from the presentation graphics to the arena to the roster who appears on your new show are now customizable, including up to four championships that can be fought over. But why build feuds on Tuesday Night Ryder if you can’t defend them at your own Long Island Iced Z pay-per-view? Here you can choose which match types will be presented as well as which other shows will participate to fight your Tuesday night roster.

Beyond the shows you create, gamers will also have the ability to edit entire match cards from any program while also checking out the vast stat-tracking program that captures everything from wins and losses to championship reigns.

Another cool element added to the game this year is the ability to create your own arena. Last year, you were able to add your own flavor to the ring and ringside area, but now you can decide whether you want to create an inside or outside stadium, whether you want a more intimate setting like a bingo hall rather than an 80,000-seat venue, and even adjust the stage sets to reflect historic periods in the business. Even the crowd can be edited to reflect either modern day or the Attitude Era, and you’ll notice a difference in everything from the signs fans wave in your virtual face to the T-shirts they’re wearing as they cheer and chant for their favorite superstars.

Check out the video to get a glimpse of just some of the action you can expect to see when the game hits Oct. 30 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

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