Aldon Smith is a beast in 'Call of Duty'

Aldon Smith welcomes all challengers, whether it's an offensive lineman or a camper on "Call of Duty." Cary Edmondson/US Presswire

The only thing more relentless than an Aldon Smith pass rush is cyber-Smith chasing you down online with his PP90 in “Call of Duty.”

“I take ‘Call of Duty’ seriously,” Smith says as we talk video games with Mr. “99 Problems [but a sack ain’t one]."

“I play with my friends, I play with my teammates; just about everyone on the 49ers plays ‘Call of Duty,’” he says before breaking down the skills of his fellow Niners. “Randy Moss is a camper. I don’t like campers. Me and Chris Culliver play a lot together. We’re both really good. Moss is not so good.

“What I love about ‘Call of Duty’ is the competition. Getting my friends and teammates together and getting those kill streaks to know you’re the best.”

Smith admits to playing the top-selling franchise about two hours a night, although when he’s on a hot streak, he can spend up to four hours shooting his friends online, claiming he also has a certain obsession to blasting away at the franchise’s nasty zombies.

“I play team death match, but I also play a lot of Team Defender and Headquarters,” Smith says. “I put that PP90 on rapid fire and I’m coming for you. I can’t give away all my secrets, though. I don’t want people to read this and use them against me.”

While Smith is currently having a theater built in his Bay Area home to better utilize his PlayStation skills, he’s still had time recently to check out how his character looks and plays in “Madden NFL 13,” always a source of both bragging rights and frustration among the NFL elite.

“My ‘Madden’ character is pretty cool, but they need to add tattoos,” Smith says. “I need to be a little faster. Get that speed up.”

I tell Smith that the 49ers are the most used team online in “Madden 13” and he loves it. “That’s dope,” he says. “I hope people are getting a lot of sacks with 99.”

Even though Smith claims to be a much bigger trash talker when it comes to the video game headset than real-life NFL action, sometimes he just can’t help himself bring a little added intimidation, especially when smashing a quarterback in real life is as vicious as the “Madden” Hit Stick.

“A couple weeks ago when we played the Bills, I threw [Ryan] Fitzpatrick on his ass,” he says with a laugh. “Other than the fact that he knows that he got the s--- knocked out of him, I look down at him and that’s pretty much all I need to do.”

Sounds like NFL quarterbacks are the ones with “99 Problems,” not Smith, although the beast-like sack-master appreciates his nickname.

“I think it’s kind of catchy,” he says. “Somebody called me ‘The Condor,’ but I’m not really digging that. '99 Problems’ is a lot better.”

Only thing better to Smith? The fact that “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” actually comes out on a Tuesday (Nov. 13), a scheduled day off for the 49ers.

“I’m definitely going to game it up,” Smith says. “I’m dedicating all my off time to ‘Call of Duty.’”