'Madden' Cover Vote: AFC and NFC North

After winning the "NFL Blitz" cover vote, Ray Rice is hoping to also land on the cover of "Madden." AP Photo/Tony Tribble

Will Ray Rice be the first athlete to ever appear on the cover of two EA Sports titles in the same year? It could happen as Rice already won the fan vote for the "NFL Blitz" cover, and now that EA Sports has finished announcing all of the participants in the "Madden NFL 13" cover vote, it looks like Rice will get his shot at double duty.

But before he can snag the coveted (and some would say cursed) "Madden" cover, Rice will first need to defeat fellow-Raven Terrell Suggs in the teammate versus teammate play-in round.

Here are all of the match-ups in the AFC and NFC North:


  • Baltimore Ravens: Ray Rice versus Terrell Suggs

  • Cincinnati Bengals: Andy Dalton versus AJ Green

  • Cleveland Browns: Joe Haden versus Joe Thomas

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger versus Troy Polamalu


  • Chicago Bears: Matt Forte versus Jay Cutler

  • Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson versus Matthew Stafford

  • Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers versus Clay Matthews

  • Minnesota Vikings: Percy Harvin versus Jared Allen

    These two divisions are stacked with players I can see winning the cover. From Megatron and AJ Green to Matt Forte and Aaron Rodgers, the North teams are packed with heavy hitting fan favorites.

    And with the vote kicking off March 7, I can't wait to see whose fans come out to support with Twitter, Facebook, and various other online campaigns. Remember, nobody predicted a Peyton Hillis win last year. Will we see another huge upset this season and end up with an underdog like T-Sizzle on the cover?

    I can't wait to find out.

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    For more information, check out the official SportsNation cover vote site.