Techin' In: Google trends reflect KC tragedy

The Jovan Belcher tragedy contributed to Google's usual flood of NFL-related searches in the past week.

Search interest for the Kansas City Chiefs increased 4,300 percent in the past seven days, and Google reported that image searches for Belcher were among the highest for any NFL player, with interest increasing 8,700 percent. "Kansas City Chiefs" was the most-searched team.

Other notable sports searches include Bryce Brown with a 733 percent increase, while “RG3 Jersey” increased 50 percent.

But the most popular search term in football on Sunday remains -- no surprise -- the Dallas Cowboys.

Let’s have a look at some additional stats:


On Sunday the five hottest football Google searches were:

1.Dallas Cowboys

2.Bowl Games

3.Charlie Batch

4.Greg McElroy

5.Bowl Projections

The five hottest NFL teams on Google Image searches in the last week were:

1.Kansas City Chiefs (+800 percent)

2.Baltimore Ravens (+100 percent)

3.Atlanta Falcons (+90 percent)

4.Rams (+90 percent)

5.Seahawks (+70 percent)

Also, “Brandon Marshall” was the hottest American football Google News search term of the week, beating out “Kansas City Chiefs,” “Tim Tebow” and “NFL draft.”