The best holiday fantasy football names

The 1972 Dolphins inspired one of the winning holiday-themed fantasy football team names. Malcolm Emmons/USA TODAY Sports

’Tis the season for giving! I recently held a contest on my Twitter page for the best fantasy football holiday name -- e.g., "Yeremiah Jingle Bells," "Santonio Holmes is for the Holidays" and "Osi UMenorah" -- awarding two winners with wireless speakers.

The response was overwhelming thanks in part to a Matthew Berry RT. I’ve compiled the top 26 tweets, which ran the gamut from "Partridge in a Crabtree" to "You'll Shoot Your Dre Bly Out."

Check out my faves below. Think you are more creative? Even though the contest is over, the holidays are still here, and I’d love to see what you come up with! Use #fantasyholidayname on Twitter to chime in.

And the winners are ...

• Kevin White, @KevinWhite1988

No-L: The 1972 dolphins

• Brian Malone, @ChiCityBrian

He Went to Jared Allen. Decker the Halls. #offthetopofmydome #seewhatididthere

And amaze runners-up (bare minimum I can do here is a shout-out!):

• Jon, @JPhilly07

partridge in a crabtree

• Justin Gonyea, @NinjasGetYou

RG3 Wise Men

• Mike Reese, @mdreese21

Deck the Mendenhall

• John, @sushman007

Revis Island of Misfit Toys

• Rob Fulton, @glasshalfFULTON

Its the most wonderful Tynes of the year

• Matt Sperling, @mtg_law_etc

Partridge in a Crabtree, Eric Decker The Halls, Kyle Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Kenny Peanut Brittle

• Woody Hoyt, @WoodyHoyt

Felix Jones Navidad?

• OptimusDiabetus, @OptimusDiabetus

Let It Sknowshon Moreno

• Jordan A. Ziemer, @jordanziemer

All I Want For Christmas is Suh. A Goodell holiday favorite.

• Ryan Colvin, @nitnygolfryan

Dallas Clark Griswald Family Christmas Trees

• Justin Matthews, @jdm5_80

The Abominable Suh-Man

• Kevin Hawkey, @kjhawkey

Walking In A Welker Wonderland

• Daniel Pamperin, @Pamps43

You'll Shoot Your Dre Bly Out

• Ryan Perdue, @RyanPerdue

On Dasher, On Domenik Hixon.

• Billy Vukovich, @T_Bone_42

Baby it's Foles outside.

• Gavin Kates, @GavinKates

Last Christmas, I gave you my Hartline. #wham

• Alex Holland, @AlexLHolland

Grandma got run over by Reggie Wayne dear

• Eric Bartel, @EricBartel

Ryan Clark Griswold's Jelly Of The Month Club

• Kevin Shields, @HeyItsMeKevin

How The (Marshawn) Lynch Stole Christmas; Not A Meachem Was Stirring

• Bryan May, @JBryanMay

Oh Christmas Brees, oh Christmas Brees

• Johnny Matusik, @jmatusik

Troy Pola-Mele Kalikimaka!

• Shaun Mellnick, @s_mellnick

What Manning Child is This?

• Jerry Knoll, @jknoll14

vrabel, vrabel, vrabel, I made you out of John clay-ton.

• Shane Sandberg, @shuga93

oh COME ON MAN all ye faithful. I'm a company man!