Andrew McCutchen talks 'The Show' cover

Andrew McCutchen received more than 108,000 votes to win the "MLB 13: The Show" cover vote. Courtesy of Sony

Andrew McCutchen doesn’t have as many Twitter followers or play in as big of a market as guys like Matt Kemp, CC Sabathia and Bryce Harper, but that didn’t keep him from winning the “MLB 13: The Show” cover vote and the glory of being on the front of the game that comes with it.

That’s because it’s not about pure numbers, he says -- it’s more about how passionate your fans are.

“We’re not the biggest franchise or biggest team in the game right now, but our fan support is probably the biggest in the game,” McCutchen told ESPN Playbook at a preview event in New York. “It’s a sport city, and I’m not just saying that. They really support their pro sports teams in Pittsburgh. We all wear the same colors there, so I feel like we’re all kind of family.”

Sony announced McCutchen as its “MLB 13: The Show” cover athlete last week after a week-long vote that also included Kemp, Sabathia, Harper, Ryan Braun, Buster Posey and Miguel Cabrera. Sabathia finished second.

McCutchen was amazed at the support and participation he saw from all of his fans.

“It was the most interactions I’ve ever gotten in a span of five days. It was unreal to be able to see all that,” he said. “It’s not about how many followers you have on Twitter, or how many followers the Pirates have, it’s just about the dedication and support and passion you get from your fans.”

The Pirates' outfielder spent Friday morning playing the game and doing interviews, even pointing out his apartment, which you can see from home plate of PNC Park, on the video game.

“This is about the closest thing you can get to real baseball,” he said. “It’s top of the line, man, and I really enjoy the small details and the realism of it. They make these games down pat.”