DeMarco Murray just wants good recruiting

Sooner pride: DeMarco Murray traded for ex-Oklahoma teammate Jermaine Gresham in "Madden." Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While DeMarco Murray admits to being a big-time sports gamer, one place you won’t find the Dallas Cowboys running back is online.

“I’m more of a franchise guy in ‘Madden’ and a dynasty mode guy in ‘NCAA,’” said Murray, minutes before competing in Madden Bowl XIX in New Orleans. “I don’t want to play anybody online. I just like to sit by myself and run my teams my way.”

His latest acquisition?

“I’m playing as the Cowboys and I just signed Jermaine Gresham to play receiver,” he said. “He’s doing pretty good so far.”

To Murray, though, he actually prefers to play EA Sports’ “NCAA Football” franchise over “Madden,” even though fans constantly tweet at him how good his character is in the NFL game.

“People on Twitter are always telling me I’m a beast in ‘Madden,’” Murray said. “So that always gets me excited to play. But to me, if I had to pick one just game, it would be ‘NCAA Football.’ The excitement of recruiting players, to me, that’s better than just signing somebody in ‘Madden.’ Everyone has their favorites, but I like the whole process of scouting players, recruiting them to your school, and how you’re able to build your team with the types of players you want.

“A lot of people just want to play fighting or war games, but I stick to sports on my Xbox. Give me a good recruiting class and I’m a happy man.”