'MLB 13: The Show' goes live this season

Sony’s San Diego studio is attempting to make “MLB 13: The Show” the most realistic game in franchise history, introducing a new mode called “The Show Live” that enables gamers to play any matchup throughout the 2013 season with up-to-the-minute rosters and stats fed directly from MLB.com.

The mode enables you to play any game from the 2013 season -- past, present or future -- and even includes presentation elements relevant to the game and the date it was played, with the commentators only taking into account the stats and storylines that have happened up to the date of the game you’re playing.

That means if you’re playing as the Athletics late in the season, and in real life they already choked away their spot in the playoffs, you can go back to the date everything started to unravel, and the announcers won’t ever mention the meltdown that happened in real life as you go back to the past to change the future (at least in the game).

Check out the video for all the details and goodness inside this new mode.