'NHL 13' first look contest

A poem about your favorite player -- like Sidney Crosby, perhaps -- could swing you an early look at "NHL 13." Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Want to be one of the first gamers in the world to get your hands on “NHL 13”?

All you have to do is hit up EA Sports, and in 200 words or less, tell them why you should be one of only five people chosen to attend the “NHL 13” community day in Vancouver, BC.

To enter, fans will be asked to submit their entry through the contest tab at EA's "NHL 13" Facebook page, with the five winners chosen directly by the “NHL 13” development team.

Contest submissions can be sent through May 13, with the winners being notified by EA Sports on May 14.

200 words or less, huh? I’m thinking a fun hockey haiku might do the trick.

You’re going to need to be creative if you want a shot at virtual goon stardom.