'Madden 25' cover vote: Picking the finals

Fantasy football giants Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson will face off in the New-school bracket final. EA Sports

Every week, I bet against Arian Foster, and every week, he just keeps proving me wrong. With the “Madden NFL 25” cover vote down to the final four, Foster is still battling. Fresh off a tight 4 percentage point win over Russell Wilson, the Texans star is now going helmet-to-helmet against the only true juggernaut of the new-school voting: Adrian Peterson.

“All Day” is proving tough to beat in this competition, as he continues to receive more votes than any other player in the entire race. In fact, Peterson beat the popular Robert Griffin III by a staggering 40 percentage points. It’s one thing to take down Carson Palmer in similar fashion, but to take down Griffin, the undisputed jersey-sales champ? Just goes to show the miraculous power of “Purple Jesus.”

Time to check out the matchups as we shake out the last remaining contenders from the pretenders and get ready for the old-school and new-school bracket winners to finally face off.

Old-school Bracket

(1) Jerry Rice vs. (3) Barry Sanders

I was surprised to see that Rice beat Deion Sanders by a larger margin than Sanders beat Joe Montana in the elite eight. If only Leon Sandcastle were in the running instead. Anyway, this is a serious toss-up, as Sanders has received more fan votes throughout the campaign, but Rice seems to be gaining support and peaking at just the right time.

Winner: Jerry Rice

New-school Bracket

(4) Arian Foster vs. (2) Adrian Peterson

I’ve picked against Foster three weeks in a row, but his luck ends here. When you crunch the numbers, the cover is Peterson’s to lose. The overwhelming fan support he is receiving is unprecedented in “Madden” cover vote history, and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon.

Winner: Adrian Peterson