Fast 5: Greatest 'Tecmo Super Bowl' players

"Tecmo Super Bowl" has added to the legacies of players such as Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor. Courtesy of Nintendo

It’s funny how the video game versions of these players are remembered as fondly as the real athletes themselves. Here are the five most dominant players ever to put on a helmet in "Tecmo Super Bowl."

Bo Jackson: Bo knows video games, and how to run circles around defenders on the field -- literally.

Lawrence Taylor: Sack machine was almost unstoppable blocking field goals.

Christian Okoye: First in a long line of dominant Chiefs running backs in video games (Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Jamaal Charles).

QB Eagles (Randall Cunningham): Not only can the man scramble, but he is deadly accurate with the long bomb.

Derrick Thomas: Disrupted digital offenses like few others of his generation.

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