'MLB 12: The Show' box art revealed

Adrian Gonzalez watches his virtual self take a swing in "MLB: The Show" and he can't believe how realistic the game designers got him down.

"It's so realistic, and my favorite part about playing is actually seeing all of the little mannerisms they included in the game between pitches," Gonzalez told me during a recent interview. "They're dead on, and for me, that's pretty fun to see."

And if Gonzalez thought his character was cool in the game, wait until he sees the final version of the "MLB 12: The Show" box art featuring the Red Sox slugger on the cover.

An honor that means a lot to Gonzalez, especially since he grew up playing baseball video games, dreaming of the day he'd be a featured character in a game.

Said Gonzalez: "I loved playing 'RBI Baseball' and 'Baseball Stars.' Those were fun games, and I still play 'RBI' if I ever see it in an arcade. That's one of those games where, if I see it, I have to jump on. Those games are both definitely classics."

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