'Madden' simulates the Divisional Playoffs

Denver vs. New England EA Sports

Will Tim Tebow's magic run out this weekend against New England? Will Aaron Rodgers continue to impress against Eli and his mighty Giants? How will Jim Harbaugh's 49ers hold up against the unsinkable Drew Brees? And let's not forget Houston vs. Baltimore, which could be one of the more interesting games of the playoffs ...

There's only one way to answer these questions definitively, and it involves a modified DeLorean, a flux capacitor and some stolen Plutonium. However, through the magic of "Madden NFL 12," we can give you what have turned out to be some fairly accurate predictions throughout the season. Click below to find out who "Madden" sees as this weekend's big winners and losers.

Madden NFL 12: Divisional Playoff Simulations &#187;