Talking Eagles, Xbox with DeSean Jackson

LOS ANGELES -- A fun thing about the E3 Conference is you never know who you might see. There were plenty of random celebrities walking around, from athletes (Brandon Jennings and Deron Williams, for example) to models (Brooklyn Decker) to musicians (DJ Skee) to commissioners (Gary Bettman).

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was one of those random celebs, chilling in the Xbox sports lounge to check out the new Xbox LIVE features and sign some autographs.

And in the few minutes we spoke, the outspoken Jackson unabashedly declared, "Super Bowl, that's my prediction," when asked about his Eagles' chances this year. And that's nothing compared to his confidence holding an Xbox controller.

Here's what else Jackson had to say in our interview about his gaming habits, the Eagles, and Mike Vick.

Zach McCann: Would you classify yourself as a gamer?

DeSean Jackson: Oh yeah, for sure. I play Madden, NBA, UFC. I play on the Xbox 360.

Do you mostly play Madden with the Eagles?

I play with the Eagles sometimes, but I’ll mostly just play with whoever. It don’t even matter, to be honest.

Your team is the team I love playing with. I want to say it’s because of you, but it’s really all just because of Mike Vick.

Why, because he’s so fast?

Yeah, for sure. Just run around. That’s why people play with you guys as much as anyone.

Really, they do? I didn’t know that.

Maybe the Packers are the only team people play with more.

Wow. Well, it’s a blessing to be on the most-played-with team. I like to play with us a lot of times to just because Mike Vick can throw it so far and I can run so fast. I’ll just air it out and outrun anybody.

Do you think they’ve gotten your character right on Madden?

I think they did it pretty good. I think they have realistic stats and speed. I have 100 speed -- you can’t beat that.

So you’re pretty much just a sports gamer?

Yeah, pretty much. I’ll play some UFC, “Call of Duty” sometimes too. What else I play? I play some racing games.

I assume you mostly play against other people?

Yeah, I mostly play with my big brother (motions to his brother, John, sitting a few feet away) and some friends, a few teammates. I beat my brother up a lot. I’m the champ; I’m very competitive.

Are you any good at 2K?

I’m the best. I win the most. (John, now listening, shakes his head.) I win the majority of the time in all my games. I play with the Lakers, Miami. I’ll play with anybody, bro. It don’t matter.

So, in real life, last season didn’t go as you would’ve liked. What are your thoughts heading into this season?

We have to play together and start faster than we did last year. We started slowly last year and we never recovered. Hopefully we can start fast and finish strong.

Do you think your chemistry will be better this year with Vick?

I think it’ll be helpful because last year we didn’t have a full year, going straight into training camp after the lockout. But this year we have a full season together and I think we’ll be good.

And you’ve got that long-term contract now.

That’s right. There you go, baby. Super Bowl. That’s my prediction.