Athletes recount their favorite video games

Video Games - E3 2012

What's the greatest video game of all-time? That's a question with no easy answer.

Andrew Luck, for instance, says "Mario Party" for the Nintendo 64. Chad Ochocinco picks "Call of Duty" for the Xbox 360. Jose Reyes goes back to Super Nintendo and "Super Mario Bros." And Terrell Owens, in the most interesting choice, says "Words with Friends" for the iPhone.

There's no wrong or right opinion, but everybody has one -- and you can watch on G4TV this week as a host of celebrities contribute to "The Top 100 Video Games of All Time" each night this week at 8 p.m. The five-part series includes comments from celebrities such as Jack Black, Zach Braff, Robin Williams and Common, in addition to dozens of athletes.

Some other athletes not yet mentioned who appear in the show are Tony Hawk, Barry Sanders, Shaun White and Rob Gronkowski.

To get sports fans amped for the miniseries, G4 sent us an exclusive clip of athletes picking their top games. That video is above.