Stephen Curry chatting during NBA Finals

If you’re looking for some fresh insight while watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals Tuesday night -- or you’re just tired of talking the same old trash with your friends -- feel free to whip out your phone and chat with an NBA star.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry will be chatting with fans during the Heat-Thunder game on PlayUp, a free app for iOS and Android that brings fans together for sporting events. The app is simple: You pick the game you’d like to chat about, and then join a chat room to talk with fans about that game.

Curry will be answering questions, breaking down the game and making his predictions for the series during the chat.

This isn’t the first time PlayUp has run this type of promotion. During the Super Bowl, Steven Jackson and Stevie Johnson chatted with fans on their phones. And Jay Williams, Al Horford and Brandon Knight participated in chats during the NCAA Final Four.

It’s an effort to bring people into the app, which is only as effective as its number of users; PlayUp obviously needs a high number of engaged consumers to be a social app. By bringing professional athletes into the chat rooms, they’re attempting to raise awareness and drive up numbers during large sporting events when people are already focused on sports.

PlayUp is designed for the hard-core sports fan, someone who doesn’t want to filter through all of their Twitter and Facebook messages to find their few friends talking about the current live sporting event.

“Everything we do is in direct context of sports,” CEO Dennis Lee said. “We filter out all that noise.”

Curry will log on around 9 p.m., shortly before tip off.