Westbrook, Polamalu on candy, costumes

With Halloween on Wednesday, Playbook has decided to ask a host of people their favorite candy and favorite costume while growing up. The results are surprising.


Olympic champion Sarah Hughes

Favorite candy: I loved Reese's Peanut Butter Cups but one of the houses we used to trick-or-treat at gave out full-size Hershey's bars, so that was a big highlight for us, too.

Favorite costume: Catwoman!!

Guitar player Jack Barakat of All Time Low

Favorite candy: When we were kids we always went to rich neighborhoods with the big houses. They would always hand out the full-size candy bars. Big size Kit Kats, Snickers, Milky Ways, Twizzlers, the good stuff.

Favorite costume: I think I was Jason the red Power Ranger like four years in a row!

Olympic champion Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Favorite candy: I loved Now and Later apple flavor and Lemonheads, apple flavor Jolly Ranchers and my all-time favorite is Snickers.

Favorite costume: I was a school teacher, preacher and even Wilma Rudolph at one particular time.

Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins of "Saved by the Bell."

Favorite candy: I remember the almost wax-like candy that was orange and white. I can't remember what it was called and I'd like to know what it was made of!

Favorite costume: And my favorite costume was anything with a cape!!! Superman, Batman, etc.!!!

Actor Jamie Kennedy

Favorite candy: Let's just talk about the one I didn't like: an apple. Or a pastry. In some parts of Philadelphia, they gave out pastries in napkins ... half-eatened.

Favorite costume: Being from Philadelphia, I was Ben Franklin three years in a row. It's important to represent your hood.

ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian

Favorite candy: Mounds bar.

Favorite costume: Frankenstein.

Former NFL player/now reality show star Hank Baskett

Favorite candy: My favorite candy still to this day is the Mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Bad thing about those is once you have one you can't stop!!!

Favorite costume: Probably my favorite Halloween costume from my childhood would have to be in junior high when I went as Kriss Kross. I thought I was the man with my backward clothes & hat. I even made sure to have an authentic Starter Chicago White Sox jersey. Never gonna forget that one.

Actress Alicia Goranson of "Roseanne."

Favorite candy: One house gave out whole Hershey bars.

Favorite costume: I won a prize one year for being "Julia: The Child."

ESPN.com writer Gene Wojciechowski

Favorite candy: Fresh fruit. Nah, just kidding. Actually, it was sort of waxy containers filled with like orange soda. They don't even make them anymore. And if they do, they shouldn't.

Favorite costume: Batman.

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook

Favorite candy: PayDay.

Favorite costume: Football player. I played Pop Warner so I wore my Pop Warner helmet with my Cowboys jersey. I wore this many Halloweens as a kid. I've been a Cowboys fan all my life.

ESPN.com writer Jeff MacGregor

Favorite candy: The vastly underrated Sky Bar.

Favorite costume: Hobo. Because I loved the bindle -- and loved to say the word "hobo." Still do.

ESPN.com writer Gregg Easterbrook

Favorite candy: Mallo Cups! I saved the coins and attached them to a sheet of paper with tape. I can follow directions!

Favorite costume: Several years running I tried to come up with an invisible man costume. But they could always see me.

Former Patriots tight end/now ESPN announcer Christian Fauria

Favorite candy: My favorite wasn't necessarily any type of candy. It was when someone left a whole bucket of candy out and asked us to "please take one."

Favorite costume: I was a football player almost every year. Boring, I know.

ESPN broadcaster Chris Mortensen

Favorite candy: Milky Way mini bar. And Smarties.

Favorite costume: Can't remember.

Former Yale quarterback/"Voice" contestant Dez Duron

Favorite candy: Kit Kats.

Favorite costume: I always dressed up as Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders and a multitude of other football players -- just depending on which jerseys my other three brothers hadn't already grabbed.

IndyCar's Graham Rahal

Favorite candy: Starburst and anything chocolate.

Favorite costume: Waldo. Sadly, I kind of look like him!

ESPN writer L.Z. Granderson

Favorite candy: Candy corn.

Favorite costume: Michael Jackson.

Playboy model Shanna McLaughlin

Favorite candy: I really liked bite-size Snickers and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Favorite costume: I loved being a witch.

ESPN broadcaster Jonathan Coachman

Favorite candy: As a kid I loved to receive Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. They were too expensive to buy where we lived in Kansas so they were like gold when we got them trick or treating.

Favorite costume: My favorite costume was when me and my sister dressed up as a California raisin -- a cut-out black trash bag stuffed with Kleenex and toilet paper to get the effect. It is one of the few costumes that I actually remember ever wearing.

Skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi

Favorite candy: Abba-Zabba and Sugar Babies.

Favorite costume: Bruce Lee.

ESPN.com writer Paul Lukas

Favorite candy: Anything "Fun Size." Just as delicious, but not so filling, so I could move on to the next piece of candy!

Favorite costume: Frankenstein monster. Looked cool, and you got to grunt a lot.

Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse

Favorite candy: Favorite candy to receive was anything without a razor blade in it. I lived in Washington Heights in the 1980s, those were the days rumors of dangerous candy were rampant! (Special note that dodging eggs people threw from the rooftops was also a Halloween tradition.)

Favorite costume: My favorite costume to wear was Captain Kirk from Star Trek. Yes, I’m that kid.

Singer and "Voice" winner Javier Colon

Favorite candy: My favorite candy as a kid were the flavored Tootsie Roll things and the little Crunch bars. Still love those.

Favorite costume: Favorite costume was actually just my Karate Gee from Karate school. I thought I looked so cool in it, and that people would think I was tough. I watched "The Karate Kid" a few too many times.

ESPN.com writer Michael Collins

Favorite candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Favorite costume: Planet of the Apes (mom made) or KISS's Gene Simmons (also made by mom).

Actor Corbin Bernsen

Favorite candy: I grew up in Beverly Hills and there were people who actually gave away money! We'd change costumes five and six times for a couple of bucks. So screw candy, we went for the green.

Favorite costume: Like I said, we were accustomed to switching costumes according to various houses so we could "repeat the treat." But my favorite costume was actually later in life and still is to this day; I have this incredible monkey mask that I put on each year with a new "wardrobe." I've done "Astronaut Money," "Wall Street Monkey," "Rocker Monkey," and yes, even "Major League Monkey" wearing Dorn's uniform.

ESPN broadcaster Jackie MacMullan

Favorite candy: Nestle's Crunch bar.

Favorite costume: My favorite costume was the year I was a tree. It was messy (lots of falling "leaves"), but it was worth it!

ESPN broadcaster Jesse Palmer

Favorite candy: Aero Bars (not popular in the United States, but big in Canada)

Favorite costume: Football player!!! My best costume ever, though, was when I was Mugatu [from "Zoolander"] a few years back.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu

Favorite candy: I grew up poor so I liked going to houses with big candy bars. I ate so much candy as a kid, but I don't eat as much now.

Favorite costume: I wore the same thing every year. I wore white pants and a USC shirt with red letters. I eventually lost it.

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan

Favorite candy: Dots and Snickers.

Favorite costume: My mom made all my costumes when I was younger and she would sew these things together and add on her own twist to them and they were pretty awesome, so my favorite costume would be the Ninja Turtle costume my mom made or the Power Ranger suit she made for me.

ESPN.com columnist Scoop Jackson

Favorite candy: Whoppers and watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

Favorite costume: Yogi Bear.

Basketball legend Nancy Lieberman

Favorite candy: Milky Way bars.

Favorite costume: My favorite costume was Superman with my big red cape. Those were the days!

IndyCar's Josef Newgarden

Favorite candy: Twix.

Favorite costume: Leo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

ESPN broadcaster Mike Greenberg

Favorite candy: Butterfinger.

Favorite costume: The Fonz.

ESPN broadcaster Kenny Mayne

Favorite candy: Milk Duds. That hasn't changed.

Favorite costume: Liberace. That hasn't changed.

IndyCar's Charlie Kimball

Favorite candy: Was and still is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite costume: Pack of M&M's.

ESPN broadcaster Jay Harris

Favorite candy: Loved Tootsie Pops (to see how many licks it took to get to the center).

Favorite costume: Any superhero with a cape. Capes were cool.

ESPN broadcaster Chris Fowler

Favorite candy: 3 Musketeers.

Favorite costume: Batman.

ESPN "Around the Horn" host Tony Reali

Favorite candy: Twizzlers.

Favorite costume: Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" or [Ralph] Macchio in "Karate Kid."

ESPN broadcaster Mike Hill

Favorite candy: Now and Laters.

Favorite costume: My favorite costume I've ever worn was when I dressed up like the Six Million Dollar Man.