Trending: Fan raps for San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants had their 2012 World Series title immortalized on YouTube on Monday thanks to rap artist Ashkon Davaran (@AshkonMusic) and a little help from Queen.

Ashkon's version of Queen's "We Are The Champions" had more than 141,000 views in less than 24 hours.

"This team had a lot of compelling stories in its own right," Ashkon told Playbook in an email interview Monday night. "You had an awesome mix of young homegrown talent (namely Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford) that we chose to stick with throughout the year, which ultimately payed major dividends, and some great redemption stories."

Ashkon's passion is legit.

"I've been a Giants fan since I was a kid," said Ashkon, who grew up in the East Bay suburb of Kensington, Calif. "My father was a huge Giants fan, so naturally my brother and I followed suit."

Among the modified lyrics: "Down 3-1, our last hope on the mound. Pitched the game of his life as we cried #RallyZito," and, "A Panda ate Tigers for dinner, we swept, and proved everyone wrong!"

Barry Zito's effort in Game 5 of the NLCS was a major source of inspiration to the Giants, their fans and Ashkon. "His story alone captured my heart and imagination this year, unbelievable stuff," he said.

Ashkon, who once lived in Los Angeles, adds this gem in the final version of the chorus: "No time for Dodgers, cuz we are the champions ... of the world."


Jose Canseco's 1988 championship ring was for sale on eBay for $100,000 before the auction was closed after receiving just five bids.

The ring included, according to the seller jeepnj33, a "full letter of authenticity signed personally to me from Jose Canseco" and was billed as a "one of a kind Championship ring from 1988 which was his best season ever in baseball" from "the year he won the MVP AWARD and created the 40/40 CLUB!! This is the ring to own out of all his Championship rings PERIOD!"

The sales pitch, unfortunately, has struck out. (HT/Hall of the Very Good)

• The "very best" parody? We'll be the judge of that:

Gelly0220 offered this up-close-and-personal view of the Lambeau Leap following James Jones' 28-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter of Sunday's 31-17 victory over Arizona.

It's a bit shaky, which is understandable, but worth a look at things from a fan's perspective.

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