Jeff Kent talks on being voted off 'Survivor'

Jeff Kent, sitting with Katie Hanson, was voted off Wednesday's episode of "Survivor: Philippines." Monty Brinton/Getty Images

It was classic Jeff Kent after the former big league baseball player was voted off Wednesday's episode of CBS' "Survivor: Philippines."

“I’ve probably made $60 million playing baseball, but I really wanted this million," Kent said on the telecast. "It’s not even a million. It’s $600,000 once Obama gets his share, but this really sucks!”

Kent, who played 17 seasons in the majors, was the ninth contestant voted off the show, and it still stings.

"I don't even remember that rant. I was just so pissed off that I didn't win. I didn't care if it was 50 cents or a Snickers bar or a million bucks," Kent told Playbook exclusively. "It's kind of funny to relisten to the rant, though. I just wanted to win the dang game."

Kent, who was an outspoken player during his years with San Francisco, Houston and the Los Angeles Dodgers, was always fearful of how he would be portrayed when he agreed to join the show. But he was happy with how it turned out.

"I truly believe it was me and who I was and how I played the game. They showed that reality," Kent said. "Sitting here today, pissed off, the day after watching, if the opportunity was there again, I'd do it. I love to complete. There is unfinished business."