Brad Richards on NHL labor, new shirt line

With the NHL still in a lockout with no end in sight, New York Rangers center Brad Richards has been spending his free time doing charity work to help victims of Hurricane Sandy and to become the face for UNTUCKit, a new company selling button-down shirts designed to be worn untucked.

Playbook talked with Richards through email about his newest venture.

Do you think the NHL season is doomed or do you think something will happen in the next few weeks?

"We all hope it happens as soon as possible. We want to be playing hockey."

You’ve been very vocal when it comes to negotiations. What is your reasoning for being so involved?

"I worry about the game of hockey and where is it going to be if this continues. The more people you have on board to try and fix the problem, the better. I am involved because we want the game back."

You’ve done a lot of things while you’ve been waiting to return to the ice, including charity work and the UNTUCKit event. When it comes to clothes, are you a fashionable person?

"I would not call myself a 100 percent fashion type of person. I really enjoy learning about fashion. Being in New York you have so many options and so many opportunities, like getting introduced and partnering with UNTUCKit ... so it really gives me a chance to enjoy it and learn more about it."