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Pat McKillen is a third-generation Notre Dame graduate who left South Bend in 2010 with a degree in finance and "a love for music and songwriting."

Those creative passions have helped him turn the Jamaican folk classic "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)" made famous by Harry Belafonte into the lastest Notre Dame campaign video for Manti Te'o's Heisman bid called "Te'O".

McKillen's debut album "Stagefright" was released in May 2011. Notre Dame assistant strength and conditioning coach David Grimes, McKillen's former roommate and a one-time Irish wide receiver, and David Peloquin (ND's director of football development) approached McKillen with the idea of creating a video for the Te'o Heisman campaign using lyrics that mimicked those sung by Belafonte.

"Honestly, when I read them, I laughed at how cheesy it was. It's not really my style -- I'm kind of a folk-rock crooner," McKillen told Playbook in an email interview Tuesday. "I knew there would be plenty of football highlights in the film, so I didn't want to make it that doo-wop tempo. So I thought about how we could pick it up a notch."

After about two and a half hours of recording on Friday afternoon, he sent a version of the song to his contacts at Notre Dame. Once Te'o was OK with it, McKillen created the video with help from the Notre Dame digital media office, and the team had the video finished by midnight. It was posted on YouTube on Saturday morning. It had more than 50,000 views in its first 24 hours and more than 128,000 as of Wednesday morning.

"The momentum and speed at which this video took off is really a tribute to how important Te'o has been to a program that has been emotionally deflated the last few years," McKillen said.

Among the lyrics:

"Work all night on a tackling Dum

Offense come then they wanna go home

Stack, spread formations so much fun

Offense come then they wanna go home

Te, me say Te, me say Te, me say Te, me say Te, me say TE’O

Offense come then they wanna go home ...

First down, second down, third down, PUNT

Offense come then they wanna go home

First down, second down, third down PUNT

Offense come then they wanna go home ...

Come Mr. Quarterback, throw me an interception

Offense come then they wanna go home ..."

"I know the lyrics will make plenty of non-ND fans gag. But I think the song was the perfect fit for the video and for Manti's character. It's light-hearted, it's upbeat, and it was a really fun song to record," McKillen said. "It has tempo swings that highlight his versatility as a person and a football player. The ending to me is perfect -- the beat drops out and you're left with a fantastic image of Te'o walking out of the locker room and out the tunnel."


The New Orleans Pelicans?

Reaction was mixed:

• Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timbervolves has attached himself to the very worthy cause of collecting outerwear for the needy in the Twin Cities area with help of the Salvation Army through his fifth annual coat drive.

Love has decided to promote the drive using a mix of mood music and some interesting editing:

Folks in the Minneapolis area can click here for more information on the drop-off locations. As far as the video's mood, YouTube's lambdachi1826 may have been on to something when he posted: "I'm too stoned to handle this right now..."

• Last week, we told you about the Bakersfield (Calif.) Condors' Teddy Bear Toss that ended up collecting more than 7,000 stuffed animals for the local United Way. This past weekend, it was time for fans of the Calgary Hitmen to bombard the ice with furry little creatures in the name of charity.

A total of 21,453 bears eventually hit the ice after Pavlo Padakin’s goal in Calgary's 4-1 win over the Kootenay Ice in the 18th version of the Teddy Bear Toss at the Saddledome and this video of the mayhem posted by Buzz Bishop has nearly 500,000 YouTube views.

Wonder how many people in those seats along the ice were hit in the head by bears that came up short from the balcony.

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