49ers' Jennings stays balanced with yoga

Brian Jennings, 36, practices yoga as part of a "wellness lifestyle" that also includes acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Courtesy of Brian Jennings

From the vantage point of San Francisco 49ers specialist Brian Jennings, every NFL player will eventually leave the game behind.

"Some people do it with their health and some people don't," Jennings said. "My goal is to play as long as I can and finish the game as healthy as I can be."

Jennings, a 12-year NFL veteran, has already carved his path to a long, healthy career. It helps that he is a long-snapper, on the field maybe a dozen times a game, the position minimizing the number of punishing hits he has taken.

But he also owes his health and career longevity to what he calls a "wellness lifestyle" that includes the practice of yoga as a major component.

"The first time I did yoga, it just felt right to me," Jennings said.

Jennings' wellness lifestyle also include massages, chiropractic care, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition and supplements.

"I do a lot of things that are considered alternative," Jennings said. "It's probably unusual being in a self-destructive business."

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