Mayweather's crew rolls deep with Bieber

Canadian legend Justin Bieber has made a habit of basking in the spotlight of some of the biggest names in sports. Just two weeks ago he was phonin’ it up with Bubba Watson the night of his Masters win. On Saturday he spent his night with Floyd Mayweather, carrying two of the champ’s belts down to the ring before his unanimous decision victory over Miguel Cotto.

Hair slicked back with adolescent grease, Bieber looked vaguely terrified walking with Mayweather’s entourage, in the same way that a piglet might while walking with a pack of hyenas. But he was a very big helper to the Money Team, holding the heavy belts all the way to the ring without complaining or putting them down to play math games on his LeapFrog.

In addition to Biebs, two other members of Mayweather’s crew have won or been nominated for Teen Choice Awards, including 50 Cent, who is a coin, and Lil Wayne, who is the offspring of celebrities Whoopi Goldberg and Stripe from “Gremlins.”