Avengers would make decent starting nine

We're reasonably certain the Avengers could glide to a division championship in the AL Central. Zade Rosenthal/Marvel

With a record $200.3 million opening weekend, “The Avengers” flexed serious gamma radiation muscles at the box office.

While the Marvel superheroes cemented their place as Earth’s Mightiest Movie Franchise, we got to thinking -- how would they fare as a baseball franchise? Our roster filled out quickly, even if we had to borrow a few characters from the comics:

Starting pitcher: Hawkeye. Not super-powered like his teammates, but you’ll never have to worry about him losing his location.

Catcher: The Hulk. You’ll never have to worry about being on the losing end of a Pete Rose-Ray Fosse exchange.

First base: Thor. The league will allow use of his magic Mjolnir hammer once it’s confirmed the handle has no pine tar on it.

Second base: Iron Man. Who needs the infield fly rule? Tony Stark can rocket up and catch the ball before it hits the descending part of its arc.

Shortstop: Captain America. Move over, Derek Jeter. There's a new Captain in town.

Third base: Giant-Man. The size-shifting Dr. Henry Pym also goes around as Ant-Man. He’s the first baseball player who can double as his own bobblehead.

Center field: Black Widow: The sexy spy can cover more ground in the outfield than Garry Maddox.

Left field: War Machine. Just as your uncles argued over whether Mickey Mantle or Roger Maris was better, you and your brother can argue between Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle.

Right field: Quicksilver. We’re not saying he's a second-tier character, but the most interesting question we can think to ask him is, “Who’d win in a footrace around the world: Superman or The Flash?”

As for the batting order? We defer to the daily lineup card submitted by skipper Nick Fury.