Owen Wilson seeks respect for flag football

Owen Wilson gets mobbed by his teammates after making an unbelievable play Thursday night. Courtesy of Ketchum Sports & Entertainment

It's been seven years since Owen Wilson had trouble playing flag football in the movie "Wedding Crashers," and today he's still getting no respect.

"He's quite limited. As you saw in the movie, he has little skill and doesn't know how to run a hot route," said NFL quarterback legend Kurt Warner, choosing his words carefully. "I wouldn't say he has a high level athletically. He was competitive, though."

Wilson, Warner, Marcus Allen, Bobby Bowden, Urban Meyer and the band Gym Class Heroes came together Thursday night at Cerritos Community College in Norwalk, Calif., to play a game of flag football to honor servicemen and servicewomen as part of the Tostitos Homecoming Party Bowl. Highlights from the game will air during halftime of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 3 and will be available on the Tostitos Facebook page.

"I will say this: He did make a play that changed the outcome of the game," Warner said. "That's my tease to wait until the Fiesta Bowl."

Wilson was a little sheepish on his drive home from the event, which drew 12,000 fans, and wouldn't reveal his game-changer.

"I know what it must feel like to be Mick Jagger coming down after a high of a concert," Wilson quipped. "I did feel a lot of pressure out there, especially when one of those military veterans said he hoped I would play better than when I did in 'Wedding Crashers.'"

Wilson spent the first half on Bowden's team and switched to Meyer's team for the second half.

"I got a chance to see their different styles of coaching up close," Wilson said. "Bowden had a much more laissez-faire attitude about the game. He told us to do whatever. When I went to Urban's team, it was so intense."


"He kind of grabbed me at one point to go out to split wide. He told me to run my butt off," Wilson said. "Then, when I came back to the huddle, he said, 'Who are you?' I told him, 'I'm on your team.' He goes, 'No, what do you do for a living?' I said, 'I'm an actor.' Intense."