Eagles fan gets 'Fire Andy' tattoo on rear

Dylan Bott (@De_Bow72) of Holland, Pa., admits he doesn’t always think before he tweets.

Frustration with the Philadelphia Eagles and their coach, Andy Reid, fueled this tweet posted on Dec. 17: "If this gets 500 retweets I legitimately will get "Fire Andy" tattooed on my [expletive]."

Well, 10 days and more than 500 retweets later, Dylan B., a 19-year-old economics major at Penn State University, found himself at Tattoo Galaxy in Feasterville, Pa. That’s where his "Fire Andy" message to team ownership was forever inked into his left butt cheek. The tattoo cost about $150 (including the tip) and took about an hour to craft.

It might serve as inspiration for fans elsewhere, because on Monday, Dylan B.’s wish was granted by the Eagles, who fired Reid after finishing 4-12 this season.

Playbook caught up with the passionate Eagles fan to discuss his fame, his future and the Eagles.

What possessed you to send that tweet?

"It’s notorious among my friends that I don’t think before I do ... I am the 'wild card.'"

What did you think when you got the 500th retweet, and did you ever consider not getting the tattoo?

"There was no point [when] I thought I would get 500 RTs. Nor did I think I wouldn’t get the tattoo if I did reach 500 RTs. If I didn’t get it, everyone I know would never let me forget it."

Is it painful to sit down or to know that you'll always be close to Andy Reid for the rest of your life?

"At first it was uncomfortable to sit down, not so much painful. Knowing Andy’s name will be on my left butt cheek for life is also pretty discomforting, but life goes on."

What did you think of his firing, and what do you think about the Eagles' chances next season?

"I’m obviously glad that he’s gone, but I do recognize his success that he had. As for next season I believe it all depends on the hire. However, I do not have high expectations."

The photo of your rear end and the tattoo is going to be online forever, barring some sort of Internet apocalypse. Do you know what you'll say when your kids ask you about it?

"I’ll say: 'Sometimes you will do stupid things, but you shouldn’t regret them.'"

What does your family think of all this?

"My brother and sister find this all to be hysterical and I think they have a sense of pride. We love Philly sports in this family. However, my parents won’t get to find out for a while."

Do you have any suggestions for the Sixers or Phillies this year?

"I lost all interest in the NBA years ago, but who knows? Maybe [Phillies GM] Ruben [Amaro] can make a right cheek appearance one day, but I doubt it."

Bill Speros is an ESPN.COM contributor. He can be reached on Twitter @billsperos or via email at bsperos1@gmail.com.