Handing out Globes-NFL playoff awards!

The Golden Globe Awards marks, hands-down, one of my favorite days of the year. The hours of coverage, from the red carpet to the actual show, appeal to my girly, Posh Spain side (Dresses! Jewelry! Boys in tuxes!).

For the past few years, the ritual has been the same: Beach myself on the couch, order Chinese takeout and settle in for an all-day laze-fest in front of the boob tube. This year, I skipped the MSG in favor of salad and "flatbread," which is really just a fancy word that lets you convince yourself you didn't eat a whole thin crust pizza by yourself (basically, I totally did).

The awards fell on the same weekend as the NFL's divisional playoffs, upping the drama and intrigue, and giving my Sporty Spain side a full day of football (Great catches! Crazy comebacks! Boys in tight pants!).

While the red carpet and football field may seem like two different worlds, the Golden Globe nominees and four NFL teams in action Sunday share a lot. They all have major jitters, serious pre-game prep (swap out carbo-loading for juice cleansing and stretching for tanning) and know their legacies could be on the line.

So, in honor of the day's big plays, big wins, big hair and big disappointments, I give you my Golden Globes/Divisional Playoff Day Awards. Er, GGDPDA for short.

Best Male in a Starring Role

Ben Affleck: Affleck's film, "Argo," not only won Best Motion Picture Drama, he also took home Best Director honors, beating out the likes of Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino. The win is especially sweet after the Oscars gave Affleck the Heisman at last week's nominations, leaving him out of the best director category.

Tom Brady: Two of his offensive weapons were sidelined by injury in the first quarter, but the Patriots QB didn't flinch. He threw for 344 yards and three touchdowns to help New England beat the Houston Texans 41-28 and advance to the AFC title game, proving once again he can bring out the best in anyone (ahem, Shane Vereen).

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