Lingerie Football League to change its name

The Lingerie Football League will be rebranded as the Legends Football League, trading in its lace for activewear. Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Turns out the lingerie was just getting in the way.

The former Lingerie Football League is changing its name, logo and requirement that all the women on a team play football in what amounts to a bikini with shoulder pads. This is a monumental change for a league that had an “accidental nudity” clause reportedly written into its player contracts.

Imagine if fondue wanted to end its association with melted cheese.

When you take away the gimmick -- Chicks in underpants! Accidental nudity! Girls Girls! Girls! -- what is left?

There is already a tackle football league for women. They wear full pads, helmets, mouth guards. And when they do their hair before the game, it’s for functionality.

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