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Like any professional or amateur athlete, Roxrite (Omar Delgado) knows that injuries always take a little longer to heal once you hit 30.

With a long list of victories as a professional break-dancer, Roxrite, 30, entered the 2012 Red Bull One BC B-Boy finals in Brazil in December as the reigning world champion. He also brought an injured back from training and a body ailing from an auto accident. His reign concluded with a loss in the second round.

“I committed to do it but didn’t have the right amount of time to prepare. It showed in my performance,” Roxite [www.roxiterepresents.com] told Playbook this week. “It comes down to how well you can deliver the hardest moves at the right moments. In 2011, I was more prepared and ready to battle. Everything felt right. This time, it felt more stressful.”

Formal and structured athletic training has now become the norm for Roxrite (@RoxRite) and his fellow Red Bull BC One B-Boy All Stars.

To demonstrate this, Red Bull produced a video -- premiered here and set to be unveiled publicly on YouTube Thursday -- presenting a behind-the-scenes look at some of the advanced and scientific physical training the All-Stars learned this winter. Multiple coaches, nutritionists and sports performance scientists, led by Dr. Andy Walshe, director of high performance for Red Bull's global athlete development program, ran each b-boy through customized training. The dancers will try to employ this knowledge during their journey to the 2013 Red Bull BC One World Championships, the event’s 10th anniversary, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea in late November.

Red Bull will officially announce its 2013 BC One tour on Thursday. It begins in February and will feature cyphers in multiple nations, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Egypt, Japan, Colombia and the United States. Last year’s tour featured more than 60 stops and 1,000 b-boys. Winners of the country cyphers will get the chance to compete in one of six global qualifiers to reach the world final.

Roxrite was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and his family emigrated to the United States when he was 6. He now lives in San Diego and said he’ll be ready to rejoin competitive action in March.

“I’m feeling good now. I took a month off and started training,” Roxrite said. “I’m looking forward to battling professionally year-round again.”

Roxrite, who used to train by simply dancing several hours per day, has now incorporated cardio training and CrossFit workouts into his regimen. He says his training has become as important as talent, especially for someone with his level of experience. 2013 marks Roxrite’s 18th anniversary as a competitive b-boy. Some of the training featured in the Red Bull training video is now part of his normal routine.

“It’s a mix of both -- you have to be able to do the moves, but once you start getting older, you have to maintain your body, keep strong and flexible and stay in shape,” Roxrite said. “That’s where the training comes in. Instead of five hours of dancing, I’ll do 2½ hours of dancing and 2½ hours of training [including sprinting and cycling] to get in shape.”

And what does Roxrite get out of all this work? He details his signature “Melting Halo” move in this Red Bull Moments video posted in 2012.

The Red Bull BC All-Star team was founded in 2010, and the sport has a solid social media following. The Red Bull BC One Facebook page has more than 550,000 likes and the @RedBullBCOne Twitter page has about 20,000 followers.

Mounir of France won the 2012 Red Bull BC One Championship in Rio de Janiero, defeating Differ from South Korea in the final round. The event featured the top 16 b-boys in the world and was live-streamed via redbullbcone.com. You can check out the highlights here.

Roxrite is considered one of the top “strategic battle” b-boys on the Red Bull tour. What makes one a “strategic battler?”

“It’s someone who puts more thought into his opponent and finds out what the other dancer does and attacks his weaknesses,” he said. “It’s more than just going out and dancing.”

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