J.J. Watt chats with Playbook over a haircut

J.J. Watt talks the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, cheese curds and burritos in a wide-ranging interview. George Bridges/Getty Images

NEW YORK -- J.J. Watt received a mohawk haircut Tuesday at a hair salon in Manhattan to promote AXE Hair products. We sat down with him in his barber chair to speak about all of the important things in life.

What’s up with the mohawk?

They said they want to hook me up with a fresh, new haircut that I’ve never had before. So I went with a Mohawk because their Facebook fans voted it the best haircut and it’s something I’ve never had before. I said, ‘All right, let’s do it.’ And I think it turned out great. From the products they gave me, and the styling glue, and I think it just looks really good.

You’re looking fancy despite your bloody and bandaged finger. Is this evidence that some guys really do play hard in the Pro Bowl?

You know, I really am trying to use this as evidence. Obviously I like the Pro Bowl, and I want it to stick around for years to come. We definitely did play hard in that game. I want the league to know that. I got four stitches, and you don’t get four stitches if you’re not playing hard.

You also lined up a little at wide receiver. You played tight end briefly in college. Have you ever urged Gary Kubiak to give you any reps at tight end, maybe in a goal-line package?

I am constantly pushing for that. I’m trying to get some time in at tight end. We’ll see if Coach Kubiak will put me in there next year. I guess we’ll see.

The Patriots used tennis rackets to simulate playing against you. What did you think of that? And is there something better they could use to simulate J.J. Watt?

I think it’s a compliment they have to go out and get sporting goods equipment to try and figure out how to play against me. But that’s only stopping one aspect of my game. You also have to worry about sacks, and stopping me in the run game, so I think it’s very cool, and I appreciate it, but I hope it doesn’t work.

Let's talk about another one of your opponents, Ray Rice. You famously said you’ve eaten burritos bigger than him during a game. Did you plan to say that or did it come to you at the moment?

I knew I was mic’d up that game. I don’t talk much during the game usually. You’re not going to get much out of me. So that was my one comment and as soon as it hit me, I knew I needed to say it. Everyone seemed to like it.

Where do you go to eat your favorite burrito?

I’m a Chipotle guy. Chipotle has been good to me. It’s delicious. I go often.

Speaking of food, as a Wisconsin native, are you surprised cheese curds and bratwursts aren’t as popular nationally as they are in your home state?

Cheese curds are so underrated. And obviously bratwurst is great, too, but only if you do it right. Cheese curds, though, that’s the best snack food of all time.

That’s one of the best parts of visiting the Midwest.

Yeah, people associate cheese curds with us because it’s dairy-land and cheese. But I think if the people in charge of cheese curds branched out, people would love cheese curds everywhere.

Arian Foster gets a lot of attention for being a wise and well-read man. What’s the most profound thing you’ve heard him say?

I don’t know. All you have to do is go look at his Twitter account and he’s trying to say something smart all the time. You have to respect that. The guy is a deep thinker and he likes to talk about life beyond the field.

So he’s not dropping proverbs and philosophical quotes in the locker room?

He’s not just walking around dropping proverbs on guys. He’s not standing, looking over us or giving sage advice with his hands on our shoulders. But he does like to think a lot, and he likes to be a little bit different. That’s the way he is.

You were in Wisconsin your entire life. What's been the biggest adjustment in moving to Texas?

The heat, by far. It’s definitely the heat. It’s crazy to see the difference in temperature and trying to handle it. But it’s been good. I like Texas, and the people have been awesome.

Has there been any change in your accent?

All I have to add to my repertoire is ‘y’all’ and I’m pretty good. My Wisconsin accent has been OK. People don’t seem to notice it too much.

Lastly, I’m sure you’ve been asked a hundred times, but who’s your Super Bowl pick?

I don’t make picks. I just hope it’s a good defensive battle, and I hope this Mohawk creates a nice buzz down there.

The Mohawk is really a lifestyle as much as it’s a haircut.

It really is. I was nervous, but now I’m really excited because it looks good. Tell your people, if they want to look like me, go to AXE’s Facebook page and check it out.

You’re going to grow it out and spike it, right?

I might. The way it’s going, it’s going to take a little maintenance, but I really like the look.