Victor Cruz of Giants appears on 'Latina'

The star of New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz keeps rising. Among other things, he reached the quarterfinals of the "Madden 13" cover vote, on the heels of a Pro Bowl season and a Super Bowl championship.

Now Cruz, whose mother was born in Puerto Rico, has landed on the cover of "Latina" magazine for its "Hot Guys" issue.

Here's an exclusive quote, courtesy of "Latina," on his relationship with girlfriend Elaina:

"It'd be easy for me or anybody at this level to just go out and date whoever they want and just go on a rampage, especially in New York City. My relationship, I think it keeps me grounded, it keeps me focused on what I need to do to keep my family intact and support my family, so it definitely keeps me level-headed."

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And here's a behind-the scenes video Q&A: