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The Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens weren't the only big winners on social media Sunday night. Beyonce, the power outage and several trending advertisements kept football fans and Super Bowl viewers engaged.

And once the confetti fell after Baltimore’s 34-31 victory, the daughter of Muhammad Ali, a noted Ravens fans who made an appearance at the team's practice facility this season, took to Twitter and WhoSay to counter earlier reports that her father was "gravely ill."

Beyonce's electrifying performance, generated 5.5 million of the 24.1 million tweets off the game, according to Twitter. The Beyonce volume peaked at the conclusion of her show with 268,000 TPM:

Beyonce's reunion with Destiny's Child caused a power surge of its own in the stadium, on TV and social media:

Beyonce’s halftime show was the second-most mentioned moment of the game on Facebook, after only the Ravens' victory. By 8:22 p.m. ET, mentions of her name had jumped nearly 49,000 percent. Usage of the phrase she “killed it” jumped more than 40,000 percent as she took her bow. Beyonce also announced her "Mrs. Carter Show" world tour, which will conclude in Brooklyn on Aug. 3. After the smoke cleared, the power returned and the Ravens eventually turned out all the lights, Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, let his feelings be known:

The party in New Orleans (and Baltimore) continued well into Monday morning:

From bryantMckinnie via Instagram.

Congratulations to the Ravens came from multiple quarters. Thanks to the halftime show, the second-half kickoff that was returned for a touchdown and the blackout, the Ravens' offense went 84 minutes without touching the ball. That didn't seem to bother game MVP Joe Flacco.

Yes, losing isn't fun:

There's always next year:

The 49ers were down 28-6 when the power went out, which eventually became an electrifying game-changer.

Naturally, Twitter exploded. There were the obligatory parody accounts. @SuperBowlLights had more than 26,000 followers before it was ordered deleted by the NFL. It's back today in a much smaller form. There were also multiple Bane references flying across Twitter, nod to the character from “The Dark Knight Rises” who destroyed a chunk of the real Heinz Field during his grand introduction to Gotham City:

Overall, the commercials ended up taking a back seat to a power outage, Beyonce's halftime show and the game itself. But several shrewd companies were quick to seize the opportunity when half the Superdome went dark. The folks from Oreo, who aired an ad during the game that included a crowd-source element on Instagram, captured the blackout on Twitter with this quick post just minutes after the lights went out:

Tide rolled swiftly to react:

The Allstate character "Mayhem" told his 1.5 million Facebook followers "I meant to turn off the scoreboard. Sorry, everybody. Wrong switch." And a parody MetLife Stadium account sprang up to talk trash, as well.

Once the power returned, the 49ers rallied and their fans were not about to give up. But the 49ers fell short 34-31, thanks in no small part to a questionable holding non-call:

Before kickoff, millions of Americans were brought to tears with pride and sorrow:

Several brands and ads trended throughout the game and just about every ad carried its own hashtag. Hulu AdZone voters named the "Farmer" ad from Dodge as their overall favorite; the Budweiser "Brotherhood" finished second; and the Taco Bell "Viva Young" ad featuring a group of late-night partying septuagenarians finished third.

Dodge used the 1978 Paul Harvey "So God Made a Farmer" speech to narrate its moving spot for Ram trucks that lionized the American farmer. As that ad aired, mentions of the word “farmer” increased by 1.8 million percent on Facebook and mentions of “Dodge” jumped 151,000 percent.

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