Jeff Gordon pulls prank on car salesman

NASCAR veteran Jeff Gordon knows how to scare an unsuspecting car salesman -- take him on a test drive he'll never forget. Gordon, disguised as "Mike," a hesitant customer, terrorized salesman "Steve" with burnouts, hairpin turns and flat-out speed in a "hidden camera" video that went viral Tuesday.

Naturally, this nightmare of a test drive was caught on video and posted by Pepsi Max on its You Tube channel. The driver of this 2009 Camaro shows skills worthy of a four-time Sprint Cup champion.

The clip racked up more than 1.8 million views in less than 24 hours and was shared by Gordon on his Facebook page and Twitter account. Pepsi promoted the clip with a #GordonTestDrive hashtag.

There's a quickly posted disclaimer at the 23-second mark of the 3-minute, 46-second test drive that reads: "Closed Course. Professional Driver. Do not attempt."

We don't expect that to be a problem.