Katherine Webb answers 10 questions

Katherine Webb survived the first week on ABC's "Splash" with a dive-off. Adam Taylor/Getty Images

The past few months for Miss Alabama Katherine Webb -- after being "discovered" on the BCS National Championship telecast -- have been incredible:

• Covered the Super Bowl for "Inside Edition."

• Appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

• Is competing on the ABC diving reality show "Splash."

"Whirlwind is definitely an understatement," Webb told Playbook. "To go from having life as a normal person to literally being an Internet and media sensation overnight is quite overwhelming."

Webb answered a handful of questions from Playbook but declined to discuss her relationship with Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. She had to compete in a dive-off last week to survive on "Splash."

How much fun are you having on this show?

"I am having so much fun. I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to learn Olympic-style diving otherwise, so to have that opportunity, in itself, is pretty amazing."

Mentor Greg Louganis said most of the people on the show haven't really done this before. What is your background?

"I have never had any type of high-dive training before, so this is a completely new experience. I'm pretty athletic already, so learning something new and being successful at it has been pretty rewarding."

The best thing about these types of shows is the camaraderie. What has that been like for you?

"I love that everyone on the show has been super friendly, and we all want each other to excel. We push each other to become better, and it's rewarding to watch another competitor's success during the competition."

What have these past few months been like for you?

"There have been some challenges that come with fame but overall it has been a blessing for me because I had plateaued in my career as a model living in Los Angeles and had no idea what steps I was going to take next in my life."

Feel pretty blessed, I assume.

"God works in mysterious ways. I feel so blessed and so lucky to have been given the opportunities that I have had to help make a living for myself and my family back home in Alabama."

Louganis said everyone is on a journey. What is your journey for doing the show?

"As of now, everyone knows me as the beauty queen from Alabama who competed at Miss USA who found love with a football player at the University of Alabama. There is so much that people don't really know about me and who I am as a person, and I feel that this show gives me the opportunity to show viewers that I am much more than that. I have such a kind and caring heart, yet I love being athletic and doing adventurous, crazy things. Why not show people I am more than the hair and makeup? My journey consists of challenging myself to grow to new heights in myself and to conquer fear. Fear holds you back from accomplishing what you want to succeed, and that is my personal challenge."

In the clips, you're sporting a two-piece bathing suit. Are you ever worried about a suit malfunction?

"Luckily, I am able to wear a one-piece swimsuit during the competition. I feel that having a one-piece rather than a bikini is more appropriate for competitive diving from a high platform. How embarrassing would that be to have a wardrobe malfunction on national television? I'll take any steps I can to avoid that type of situation."

So you're overcoming your fears. What other things are you afraid of?

"I am afraid of looking back and regretting not challenging and pushing myself to be the best I can be in this competition. There is no worse feeling than regret or disappointment, especially within yourself."

What's the funniest thing that has happened on the set?

"There is no one particular moment that stands out, but it's always great having a comedian on set with you at all times. There is never a dull moment with Louie Anderson."

What's next for you after this?

"I will end up move back home to Alabama and travel for work when I need to. Home is where the heart is! I will always love being from the South."