Lots of well-wishers for UofL's Kevin Ware

The gruesome injury suffered by Louisville guard Kevin Ware and the reaction of his teammates and fans overtook discussion of the NCAA tournament games on Twitter Sunday.

News of Ware's injury -- including graphic photos showing the complete break and visible bone in his right leg, and pirated video clips of the break -- along with well-wishes for his recovery filled millions of Twitter feeds.

Twitter also was hit with multiple fake Kevin Ware Twitter accounts and at least one fake image of someone with a broken bone visible in their left leg posted by someone who claimed it was a shot of Ware.

The hashtag #PrayForWare was the top trending item in the United States several hours after the injury, which occurred with 6:33 left in the first half of the Cardinals’ 85-63 victory over Duke at Indianapolis. #KevinWare was also a top trending hashtag late into Sunday night.

And athletes weren't the only ones who noticed: