April Fools' Day is Alfred E. Neuman's b-day

Today is Alfred E. Neuman's birthday. Figures, since it's April Fools' Day. Jack Rickard/James Bennett/Mad Magazine

Be wary of everything you read today because it's April Fools' Day.

So no wonder Mad magazine always celebrates mascot Alfred E. Neuman's birthday today.

The gap-toothed boy, who first appeared on Mad's cover in 1956, has parodied princes, presidents and, of course, plenty of athletes. Among Alfred's most recent notable sports zingers were the covers of issues No. 519 (January 2013), where he was depicted as cyclist Lance Armstrong heading off a cliff, No. 489 (May 2008), which featured Alfred as baseball's new mascot, "Mr. Roids," and No. 469 (August 2006), which portrayed Alfred as a juiced-up version of Barry Bonds with the headline "What -- Me Barry?"