'Shut Up & Fold' is new poker comic book

The sport of poker exploded onto television and in the movies and now it's heading to comic books. "Shut Up & Fold", which is coming out in a few weeks, tells the monthly story of nine poker players.

Playbook talked with poker player Giancarlo Antonetti, who is creating this project.

How did this idea come about?

"Poker players are addicts. They always are looking for something poker-related. At least I am. It's a real sport, with real champions. And there are entirely good stories about players. Thanks to poker, they have an opportunity to learn about life, to become somebody, to make riches out of it and to become champions in a very difficult game."

What kind of audience are you looking for?

"The audience is that of poker players (more than 150 millions worldwide) and comics fan (far greater). Potentially the stories are for everybody, because it's not just about the game but about their lives, their fight for success, their love affairs as well as betrayed friendships. And more."

Are these stories real?

"It's a realistic book and even the invented stories are realistic. Honestly, some of the stories comes from real lives, others from legends of the world of poker. Stories are re-created and mixed with original plots to develop a true entertainment experience for readers."

You want this to come out in many languages. Why?

"The comics will come out at the end of May in English, Chinese, Italian and maybe Portuguese with 40 colored, digital pages available on Amazon, iTunes and Comixology. Those are the languages of the market/audiences that we consider as more favorable to this product because of the poker followers they have. Price should be about $2 to be accessible to everyone."

How good are you at playing poker and what’s the biggest win and loss have you had?

"I've been playing for years, and I'm a real fan. I'm just going to play a tournament in Montenegro this weekend with $300,000 in prizes. I won $15,000 in an online tournament once. I play mostly for fun. I love this game. What I have won I've invested in this comic book."