Donovan McNabb on draft, Eagles, family

Football great Donovan McNabb said he's competitive at everything -- even kickball. D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Was that football great Donovan McNabb and Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte playing kickball in New York's Times Square?

Both helped celebrate the launch of the American Honey Bar-sity Athletics social sports initiative on Tuesday. Money also was was raised for the Boston-area American Red Cross to support those who were affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.

"We are both very competitive and when was the last time you saw them build a kickball field in Times Square?" said McNabb, whose team won 9-3. "Kickball isn't just for kids!"

Playbook had a few minutes with McNabb, who is an analyst for the NFL Network and a radio host for NBC Radio, to talk about the NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles and his family.

Being in New York this week for the NFL draft, does it bring back memories of your draft in 1999?

"It brings back the excitement and the anticipation. I always wanted to know where and when I'll be draft. I always had a great time in New York. I enjoyed every aspect of the draft. It gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream."

Any regret on your draft-day outfit?

"Not at all. I was looking stylish. I was ready to go. I see all these guys wearing weird-colored suits. I was real subtle and professional. I had a blue suit with a reddish tie. I kept it really classic."

How difficult has it been for you to be critical as an analyst when you likely will be talking about your friends?

"There are ways of being critical but back them up with supporting facts. I think that's the most important thing. I've been involved with the game. I'll always be up-front. I get paid for my opinion. I will always express how I feel."

So what do you think about your Eagles?

"Right now, it's up in the air. It's really the unknown. Chip Kelly brought in a lot of different players and coaches. His philosophy is great. It's very similar to the West Coast-style offense we ran. We'll see how it goes. I think they'll be fine. I couldn't tell you how many wins at this point, because I don't know how strong the defense will be."

Looking back on your career, it seems pretty easy to figure the highlight.

"Yep. It was making the Super Bowl and us having a chance of winning it. I wish we could have gotten back there to redeem ourselves. But that's OK. It was still an honor to be there and it's something I'll always remember."

I know you were trying some comebacks, but what is life like away from the field these days?

"I'm having a lot of fun, especially with my kids. I have four: one 8 years old, twin 4-year-olds and one 3. I love seeing the progression of these kids. I'm involved with them in sports and away. I love being a dad motivating them to be good on the field and great individuals off."