Arianny Celeste: Hosting (yes), fighting (no)

Arianny Celeste is trying to move from holding up cards to being a host of a TV show. Josh Hedges/Getty Images

Arianny Celeste, ring girl and model for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is devoting 2013 to becoming a host of a national TV show.

Celeste, who debuted for the UFC in 2006, has recently been filming trivia segments called FilmStrip for CineFix's YouTube channel. Her latest involved "Iron Man 3."

Playbook had a few minutes with Celeste to talk about this series and what's ahead.

Tell us about FilmStrip. You've done segments about "Star Trek" and "Harry Potter," too.

"It's a great show and it's a little informative. It also shows my silly and fun side. I'm not afraid to poke fun at myself."

You've always tried new things, such as a clothing line for Jaco and a new swimsuit line. What's your eventual goal?

"This year I'm focusing on hosting. I want to be the next Brooke Burke. She's a perfect example of what I want to be. She had done Playboy and Maxim and crossed over. That's what I want to do. It's funny to say but I came from a strict family. They wanted me to always have an education as a backdrop. They knew I was interested in modeling, but I had to go to college first. I did that at UNLV. Then UFC asked to be a UFC girl. I never thought it would take me this far. I'm very business-minded."

You said your family was strict? So what was the reaction to the Playboy cover shoot in 2010?

"I had to really convince my mom that Playboy was going to be all right and she could breathe. I told her it would be classy and not offend her. Now, sometimes when the family gets together, she'll whip one out for me to sign. I said, 'Now who is this for again?' They are proud of me."

It's so competitive in the hosting game in Hollywood. How has it been?

"It's definitely hard. It's especially tough in a weird place like Hollywood. I try to stay away from the Hollywood scene. I prefer the beach. I can take the rejection. If one door closes, three other doors will open. I have to stay positive."

You seem to promote a lot of movies on your web series. Have you thought about acting?

"It's really hard right now because of my work with the UFC. I had taken acting classes, but I was traveling all the time for UFC. Now I'm doing only the biggest UFC shows so hopefully I can dive back into it."

I know you've probably been asked this, but have you ever thought about competing as a fighter?

"I get that question every day. That's really not my thing. I love the workout though. I work out three to four times a week. That's because I love to eat. But it's not me to fight. Don't get me wrong. I am competitive -- but not that competitive. I don't want to get hurt."

What do you hope happens in five years?

"I hope to be hosting a show. I'm taking those steps. I want to travel the world. I think that would be amazing. I've seen Brooke in person a few times and I told her I admired her on Twitter. She tweeted me back. I don't really get star struck but she's one of my idols, so that was really cool."

You have a huge following on Twitter. What do you say to those fans out there?

"It's flattering. It's good to see the comments. The thing I really love the most is when people say they've named their daughter after me. That makes me want to work even harder."