Media Blitz: Exclusive 'LeBrons' clip

Meet the cast of "The LeBrons" Season 2. Believe Entertainment Group

Even LeBron James’ animated game is making a leap.

On Friday, May 10, catch the premiere of Season 2 of “The LeBrons,” the now four-time MVP’s family-oriented, animated web series that debuted in 2011 and went on to tally 50 million total online views -- which, Blitz is told, is a lot.

In its rookie season, “The LeBrons” featured hand-drawn, 2D animation. This time around, the series comes to life with computer-generated, three-dimensional animation and will be made available on Xbox 360, though Xbox Video, in “The LeBrons” hub. The series can also be viewed at The LeBrons, its MSN Video Hub.

The Miami Heat star will voice the character of Business, who along with the show’s other regulars -- Kid, Wise and Athlete -- represents a facet of James’ personality. Joining the crew in the series’ Akron, Ohio, environs for its sophomore outing: Bryce, a character that, according to a rep, will embody the values of the U.S. Army, which happens to be a partner on the series.

James co-executive produced the new season with his Spring Hill Productions outfit and Believe Entertainment Group’s Dan Goodman and William H. Masterson III.

Check out the exclusive clip below taken from the first episode, which will involve the group learning about teamwork while on a camping trip.

Other lessons in store for the crew during its seven-week run: the value of family, schooling, giving back to the community and turning the other cheek when a Boston Globe writer denies you a unanimous MVP selection by casting a vote for Carmelo Anthony -- when all you really want to do is plant the writer’s head in some soil and watch his toes sprout compound leaves.

All right, we made that last one up.