Trending headlines: New York Giants

A few items you may have missed that are worth a quick look:

• The New York Giants will gather at Tiffany’s Wednesday to receive their Super Bowl XLVI rings, but punter Steve Weatherford (@Weatherford5) may have flashed some premature bling via Twitter a day early. The image he posted of a 14-karat white gold ring covered with diamonds appears identical to the one tweeted by Giants Clint Sintim and Andre Brown in March. (Twitter via New York Daily News)

• Luther Campbell is no longer as nasty as he wants to be, which is just fine with him. A Florida judge has cleared a path for the former 2 Live Crew front-man to be certified as a high school football coach in Miami. Campbell "does not pose a risk to the safety of the students entrusted to him" but would still be subject to a long list of conditions, the judge said. (Sun-Sentinel)

• The new owners of the Dodgers are not Frank McCourt, but questions continue to swirl about the role that McCourt continues to play with the club, including a half interest in the 300 acres surrounding Dodger Stadium. Fans are upset about it, writes Steve Dilbeck, and new ownership just doesn’t get it. (Los Angeles Times)

• Sad news. Blake Appleton, a 9-year-old Florida boy who touched the lives of Dwight Howard and Tim Tebow, among others, with by his courageous struggle against cancer, has died. “Heaven just got a lot brighter,” wrote Blake’s mother, Miranda, on her Facebook page. (Orlando Sentinel)

• The Harvard baseball team triggered a You Tube firestorm with a version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe” that now has more than 5,956,000 views. The SMU women’s rowing team posted its version of the hit. “Ball’s in your court, Harvard baseball,” the team wrote on You Tube. Meanwhile, the women’s rowing and basketball teams at UConn shot and uploaded their own versions of the song in March, and several others have followed. (You Tube via Boston.Com)

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