Trending: Justin Verlander Fastball Flakes

A few items you may have missed that are worth a quick look:

• The back of James Harden’s arm just happened to declare its own act of war on the face of Metta World Peace during Wednesday’s 77-75 victory over the Lakers. Beards and elbows, oh my! It appeared inadvertent, but even if Harden tried, he couldn’t have planned his payback for Metta’s April 22 smackdown any better. Meanwhile, fans in Oklahoma City are doing a double take when they come across Billy Janssen and his epic beard. (The Oklahoman)

• More NBA hair news: Patrick Gonzalez’s support for Spurs center Matt Bonner went to his head and got him in trouble at school. Gonzalez, a student at Woodlake Middle School near San Antonio, had his hair cut into an image of Bonner aiming for a 3-pointer. School officials said the 'do was a distraction and told Gonzalez to cut it or face a suspension. "We're in the playoffs. He was feeling good until now; he was totally embarrassed," said Rose Gonzalez, his mother. (Story and Video -- KABB-TV Fox News San Antonio)

• Justin Verlander’s “Fastball Flakes” are a grrrrrrrreat hit at Meijer stores in Michigan, having sold more than 110,000 boxes since their debut in February. The Tigers pitcher and defending AL MVP and Cy Young Award winner said Wednesday he was nervous before posing for the cover of the cereal box, but is thrilled that proceeds are benefiting veterans, like his cousin Christopher. If you want to buy some and don’t live in Michigan, visit PLB Sports.com. (Story and Video WXYZ)

• Artist J.O. Applegate offers this all-too-telling look at how the Spurs and Clippers probably approach things on his Full Locker Room Access page. Comic relief, NBA-style. (BounceX3 via Buzzfeed)

• The Dodgers may have some new Magic in their owner’s box, but the Seattle Sounders still have Drew Carey, who talked about his connection with the MLS team on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night. “I own the Sounders like Magic Johnson owns the Dodgers. I’m a minority owner, the celebrity face … I’m like a fan with benefits,” he said.

“They’re such super fans, they stand up the whole time,” Carey added. “It’s unheard of in American sports.” Also unheard of: Season-ticket holders will vote on whether to retain the team’s GM this year. (Jimmy Kimmel Live (at the 22:29) mark via Sports Business Daily)

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