Rainn Wilson given L.A. Kings experience

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Rainn Wilson's L.A. Kings experience

Storified by Patrick Dorsey · Mon, May 21 2012 01:22:25

Rainn Wilson -- known to many as Dwight Schrute from "The Office" and to some (a very lucky few) as The Crimson Bolt from "Super" -- recently sent this tweet to the Los Angeles Kings:
Dear @LAKings - I've never been to a hockey game before. Considering getting some tix 4 Sunday. Should I go? Whats the puck made of?RainnWilsonThe Kings, owners of one of sports' funniest Twitter feeds, responded.
@rainnwilson We can give you tickets - if you let us deliver them to you in a bowl ofjello.LA Kings...and they did...
@rainnwilson We have your tickets for you http://instagr.am/p/K28h4IvWC5/LA Kings...and he accepted...
Luc Robitaille presents @rainnwilson with his Jello tickets. @ STAPLES Center http://instagr.am/p/K28mTKPWC-/LA Kings...and proceeded to live-tweet Sunday's Game 4 against the Phoenix Coyotes at Staples Center (with a special message/threat from a famous face):
2 things I don't understand about Hockey 1) they sell sushi here 2) they play a LOT of @Coldplay (for pun purposes, perhaps?)RainnWilsonI can't tell what animal the @LAKings mascot is. An ocelot? A dingo?RainnWilson@rainnwilson If the @LAKings lose today, you can never attend another game. If they win, you have to attend every game in the finals. #RulesAlyssa MilanoThe @LAKings need to teach @BlakeGriffin to ice skate. #ProblemsSolvedRainnWilsonShimmering post-Zamboni ice,Sparkles like a unicorns nose. (poem)RainnWilsonMet @MatthewPerry. Nice guy. Said he'd explain hockey to me. Was wondering if he was Canadian. Is that impolite to ask someone?RainnWilsonWell, we lost. But it was a blast. Loving hockey! (I really really hate the Coyotes.)RainnWilson