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A few items you might have missed that are worth a quick look:

Holly Robinson Peete showed some love for Philadelphia's victory over Boston in Game 6 Wednesday:

While the real Brian Scalabrine said the Celtics will “take care of business and win Game 7” on Comcast Sportsnet, his faux Twitter counterpart offered this succinct analysis of Game 6:

It was all about the junk food on National Slurpee Day, an event that came as a pleasant surprise to Warren Sapp:

Reggie Bush found the perfect meal to wash down those Slurpees with.

Neil Diamond stopped by to sing "Sweet Caroline" during the "American Idol" season finale. Fenway Park was nowhere in sight.

We’re still two months away from two-a-days, but at least one NFL lineman was already working hard:

Chad Ochocinco’s iPad and wallet were stolen out of his SUV and the wallet was recovered with a big assist from his 3,448,000-plus Twitter followers. The only thing missing -- his Starbucks Gold card. The person who found the wallet used her daughter's Twitter account to notify @ochocinco after he posted a video saying “I’m about to tear up.” While @ochocinco was updating his followers throughout the day, @JennaCote just wanted to keep a low profile. A tweet of the good Samaritan’s phone number triggered this response, and she publicly rebuffed at least two news organizations that tried to contact her.

@ochocinco expressed his gratitude:

And about that Starbucks card. It was replaced:

Who Dat? It’s the newborn daughter of one serious Saints fan, retweeted by Drew Brees early today. Heavenly.

• Several potential future NFL superstars are coming out in support of having an openly gay teammate, which could lead to big changes. (Outsports via Buzzfeed)

• Thunder Alley has been closed, ending a brief but raucous playoff tradition in Oklahoma City. (The Oklahoman)

• Reports that Shaq might reunite with the Orlando Magic as GM would just make another episode in the Magic’s all-too-real dysfunctional reality TV show, writes George Diaz. (Orlando Sentinel)

Maybe Dr. Shaq is already on the job. He tweeted this Thursday:

And finally, the Kings updated their possibly best-ever team-made infographic with a new playoff victory count and fresh information on Bailey the mascot:

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