Mike Tyson talks Jon Jones

Jon Jones is one of the most electrifying fighters on the planet. He’s the UFC light heavyweight champion, the posterboy for MMA, and a guy who once ran down a robber in a park just hours before fighting on pay-per-view.

Unfortunately for the 24-year-old champ, he recently found himself on the news for all the wrong reasons after wrecking his car and being arrested for DUI in upstate New York.

Just a blip on the radar? Or a glimpse of what’s to come from Jones’ future?

That’s what the fight world wants to know, including professional wrestling legend, Brock Lesnar confidant, and “Heyman Hustle” creator Paul Heyman. Heyman approached the one and only “Iron” Mike Tyson to ask about the Jones arrest and what it might mean to his future.

Talk about worlds colliding. We have one of the most notorious wrestling personalities talking to Mike Tyson about the UFC.

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