Brandon Routh on lax's 'Crooked Arrows'

"Do you have any Native American in you and do you know anything about lacrosse?"

That's what producer J. Todd Harris asked actor Brandon Routh.

"I said, 'A little' and 'No.'"

Harris sent the script for "Crooked Arrows" anyway.

Routh read the story about a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school league tournament and signed on as lead actor. The movie is making its wide release on Friday.

"I have some Kickapoo in my ancestry. I wouldn't say it's up close, but it's there," said Routh, who grew up in Iowa and became famous for playing Superman in the 2006 movie reboot. "But I knew nothing about lacrosse. I know a lot about sports, but not that one."

To prepare, Routh went to the college national lacrosse championships in Baltimore last year and was hooked. "I saw how much love and passion the players and fans had," he said.

So Routh continued studying the game to prepare and said he is pleased with the film, which will remind viewers of the "Mighty Ducks" and "Bad News Bears."

"I've seen it about four times, and I'm really happy with how the whole team came together," said Routh, who will star this fall in a new sitcom called "Partners" on CBS. "It's a heartwarming movie with a great spirit."